Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Associates

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Past Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Associates

Tamiko Ihori, M.S. 1993

Mary Ann Vinton, Ph.D. 1994 (currently Associate Professor and Chair, Creighton University)

Paul Hook, Postdoctoral Associate 1993 – 94 (currently Environmental Consutlant, Intermountain Aquatics)

Martin Aguiar, Postdoctoral Associate 1994 – 95 (currently Professor, Director of Environmental            Studies at Univ. of Buenos Aires)

Robin Kelly, M.S. 1995 (currently Research Associate, Colorado State University)

Marcos Robles, M.S. 1995 (currently Conservation Science Specialist, The Nature Conservancy)

Howard Epstein Ph.D. 1998 (currently Professor, University of Virginia)

Jeb Barrett, Ph. D. 1999 (currently Associate Professor, Virginia Tech. University)

Rick Gill, Ph.D. 1999 (currently Associate Professor, Brigham Young University)

Penny Sinton, MS 2000 (currently Environmental Scientist, Geomega, Boulder, CO) 

Rebecca McCulley, PhD 2002 (currently Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky)

Carol Adair, PhD 2000-2005 (currently Assistant Professor, University of Vermont)

Sonia Hall, PhD 2000-2005 (currently a Research Scientist with the Nature Conservancy, Washington)

Bohyoung Sohn, MS 2000 (currently a scientist in Korea)

Jason Kaye, Postdoctoral Associate, 2001-2002 (current Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University)

Sarah Hamman, PhD,  2001 –2006 (currently Restoration Ecologist, Center for Natural Lands Management)

Melissa McHale, PhD, 2001-2007 (currently Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University).

Mark Gathany, PhD 2004 – 2008 (currently Associate Professor, Cedarville University)

Eliana Bontti, PhD 2004 – 2009.  (currently Postdoctoral fellow, Darwin Institute)

Kirstin Holfelder, MS 2007 – 2009 (currently PhD student, Colorado State University). 

Sara Brown, PhD 2007 – 2011 (currently Assistant Professor, New Mexico Highlands University)

Sarah Evans, PhD 2007-2012 (currently Assistant Professor, Michigan State University)

Otgonsuren Avirmed, PhD 2010-2013 (current Research Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society, Mongolia)

Meg Mobley, Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2012-2014.  

Sarah Brown and Indy Burke

Dr. Sara Brown with Dr. Burke, Ph.D graduation spring 2011. Dr. Brown is an Assistant Professor in Forestry at New Mexico Highlands University

Current Postdocs and Graduate Students

Cait Rottler, PhD student. Cait is studying the interactions of soil carbon and nitrogen, and vegetation communities, with the history and practices of reclamation on well pads in Wyoming. 

Christopher Beltz, PhD Student

Christopher Beltz, PhD student (2014 - present).

Chris ( is studying plant-soil interactions and nutrient cycling at the ecosystem and community level using an approach that incorporates biogeochemistry, soil science, ecosystem ecology, and soil microbiology.  He is currently working on a project in Pinedale, WY examining the effects of nitrogen fertilization on sagebrush plant communities.  He hopes to further elucidate the role of nitrogen in sagebrush communities, which is complex due to the co-limitation by both nitrogen and water availability.  This study also has implications for the management of mule deer near natural gas development, as large areas of sagebrush were recently fertilized by Wyoming Game and Fish in order to improve mule deer habitat.